Mission Statement: We are volunteers serving all of Grand County, dedicated to the accurate portrayal of Grand County and Colorado history. We present educational and entertaining programs by invitation for community and private events.

Accurate Portrayals of Grand County & Colorado History

Upcoming Events
August 22, 2012 - Murder Mystery at Betty's Cafe
Wednesdays through August 1st - Chautauqua Shows & Rowley Homestead Shows at YMCA Snow Mtn Ranch
Check our Special Events section for details.


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Grand County Characters club
Ute Bill's Saloon, YMCA, August 2007
Characters: Mrs. Rohracher, Willie Cozens,
Sheriff Soloman Jones, David Moffat, & Doc Susie, 2007
characters in role characters in role
Ute Bill's Saloon, YMCA, August 2007
Characters in Action:
Sheriff Soloman Jones & Mary York Cozens

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Fraser Valley Lions Club
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